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Red Tail 4Westchester Bald Eagle Field Trip
by Bob Rancan

Saturday, January 30, 2016

It was a very nice day, everyone said. At least that was true of the weather, sunny, blue sky, warm for January and very little wind. However, we set out to see lots of eagles and we didn't see many. At five stops we counted seven and all were a good distance away. Some veterans of our trips to Croton, Montrose, Verplanck and Peekskill had remembered seeing dozens of eagles and lots of ice. Well there was snow on the ground but no ice in the Hudson and no eagles on the ice.

It's never a bad day though when you can get out, walk around and spend the day with people you enjoy. Plus, there was a belted kingfisher, a downy woodpecker, robins, cardinals, song sparrows and an impressive flock of starlings at Verplanck.

Add 3 Red Tail Hawks, about 15 Buffleheads and about 20 Common Mergansers, including a raft of 16 males off of George's Island. We were told of the presence of a rare Lark Sparrow at Croton Point but we didn't find it. However, the surprise of the day was the Gray Catbird flitting about at the Croton campground and lunch at Peekskill Brewery was a treat.

Thanks to the 15 who joined me: Al G., Sumonnat K., Betty W., Harris R., Rich H., Mary J., Henry and Lois S., Sandy, Lori B., Paula, Alan R., Barbara P. and my friends from the Palisades Nature Assn., Alec and Hillary Malyon.