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20170408 006 1024x768Bantam & Shepaug Rivers, CT
by Bob Rancan

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cancellations: Our little group got whittled down by tax prep, household accidents and family stuff. But good high water beckoned and couldn't be passed up. Plus, if you're going to make the trip, why not go upstream and do the Class II section? A cold wind at first, 177cfs of cold moving water and a sign (temporary dam ahead). So what do you do? Bundle up and walk about a half mile of riverbank looking for the obstruction...check out the entire part of the Bantam down to the confluence with the Shepaug. Everything was clear and a chat with a teacher at Rumsey School revealed that there had been Parent's Day charity Duck races and although the "dam" was gone, nobody went back to take down the sign (kind of like garage sales and political races). So me and Al got some extra hiking in. I think if our Club paid attention to mileage, we could have really padded this trip as there also was bridge construction over the Housatonic on the way up which added to the overall adventure.

Turned out to be a sunny day and GREAT water. Had groups of phoebes (probably the males arriving to compete for attention) a palm warbler and pine warblers, kingfishers, wood ducks and lots of common mergansers.

Northwestern Connecticut...you can't go wrong.


Some photos from Al Grenley...

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