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DSC 0754Moonlight Over Monksville
by Betty Wiest

Sunday, July 9, 2017

It was the most perfect night for paddling. The water was calm, the air was fresh and sweet, and to see the apricot-colored moon make its way over the picturesque setting of the dam and the tree-lined horizon was all we could ask for.

Lee McQ., Robyn L., Phil B., George H., Neal L., Laurie D., Skip H., Bob K., Bob, H., Tom B. and Linda, Michael W., Roddy A. and me enjoyed a delightful evening on the water at Monksville Reservoir.

As many paddlers, stand up paddle boarders, fisherman and others floating in their huge tubes were exiting the ramp at the south ramp (by the dam), we were just preparing for our evening's event. All of us had some kind of safety equipment--whether it be a headlamp, suction light, battery-operated flower power lights, or flashlight. After our safety talk, we headed out for the far shoreline. The sun was still brilliant in the west and made it difficult to see at times. We made it around the island not far from the stumps left over from a bygone era. It was nice to raft up our boats and pass appetizers and beverages.

After a while, someone said...."it's getting dark; we should paddle around the point to see the moon rise." "Yes indeed," I said. "That's what we're here for!"

It was the perfect night. I think we all could have just floated for a while, drinking in the peaceful night.


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