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HRCKC at Piermont PierRockland Bike Trip
by Bob Rancan

Sunday, September 27, 2020

On a beautiful early Fall Sunday, 13 riders went for a nice bike ride in Rockland County. Starting at the southern end of the Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail in Tappan, just a short distance from the NJ line, we rode the paved trail through the village of Sparkill and up and over the trail bridge across Rt. 303 into Blauvelt and the other terminus of the 3.8-mile trail. After a short lunch break, we retraced our path back to Sparkill and then picked up the gravel Old Erie Path which heads directly into Nyack, NY. We only -journeyed as far as the recently restored Piermont-on-the-Hill Railroad Station and then headed down the steep path and hill into the town. We wove through the crowded streets and made our way out to the famous 3/4-mile-long Piermont Pier, which dates from the 19th Century and served as a jumping off point for thousands of GI's bound for Europe during World War II. It was a new experience for most of the members and everyone seemed to enjoy the views, the ride and the Osprey fishing just off the Pier.

We made our way back along Piermont Marsh and on a road along the Sloat, where much shipbuilding took place 150-200 years ago and picked up our trail back in Sparkill. I'm told it was 11.2 miles in total...I thought about 10.

Thanks to everyone who joined me. Maybe we could continue on to Nyack or cross the new bikeway/walkway on the Mario Cuomo Bridge (Tappan Zee for the traditionalists...although technically it had been officially renamed the Gov. Malcom Wilson Br years ago) next time. Thanks to Lori Yost for half of the photos.


2020 Bike ride Blauvelt

Bike Ride Piermont 2020

Blauvelt Gazebo

Piermont Bike Ride Station

Piermont Pier

Piermont Pier Bike Ride

Piermont Pier Sept 2020