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P1060330Delaware River
by Bob Rancan

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Good trip all around. Beautiful day, a bit overcast and cool but sun eventually came out AND NO WIND. 15 paddlers, 14 boats (4 canoes, 10 kayaks). The river level fluctuates due to upstream releases from Pepacton and Cannonsville Reservoirs but the fine levels of mid-week had dropped down below 1000 cfs by Friday evening and it continued to fall by morning. We paddled it from 894 cfs at the start to 810 cfs by the time we got off the water. So there was some running aground (or atop rocks) throughout the course of the day. It is a very pretty, remote section of the Delaware from Ten Mile River Access to Highland Access, with 4 short but fun rapids (Masthope, Colang, Kunkel and Cedar) and the Roebling Delaware Aqueduct at Lackawaxen.

The highlight of the trip was the constant presence of Bald Eagles throughout the day. There was an immature bird perched right across the river from our put in and we had sighting after sighting - maybe 13-14 birds in all. The best was the two mature birds perched on the Pennsylvania side directly opposite the Bald Eagle Observation platform below Lackawaxen. Add in the osprey, several red tail hawks, lots of turkey vultures, belted kingfishers, a couple of Great Blue Herons and a group of common mergansers and it was a good day. Thanks to Monica for the photos and apologies for not getting everyone's photos in this report.