Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

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At the Hook
by Lori Meier

September 17, 2006

Before I begin, I must say that this brief note is about 2 weeks after the event, so I’m sure I forgot lots of details….like names.

A bunch of us met for some fun in the chops down at Sandy Hook on September 17th. After bringing our boats across to our launch area, we did our best to avoid the fishermen and headed out. Joe got to test out his new Turbo fins….very cool. We headed up to Skeleton Island through the choppy water. I LOVED those chops!

We disembarked at the Island for some lunch and chit chat about how anything fried tastes good, when suddenly the tide came in and nearly whisked away one of the boats! After our break we put our boats in on the other side of the island, passing a woman who had this huge bucket of mullet. One of our crew (I’m so sorry I forgot her name), asked the woman what she was going to do with them. Lo and behold, she was going to bread and fry them!

Slowly, we made our way back avoiding the swimmers taking in the last of the nice warm days.

It was a beauteous day at shore!