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Tootlin' Round the Tappan Zee
by Nancy & Mike Passow

May 12, 2007

A delightful time was had by all ten kayakers who tootled round the Tappan Zee on Saturday, May 12. Along with Mike & Nancy Passow were Mike Rubin, Briana Powell, Anita Green, Fred Cohane, Jane Paci, Jim Magee, Joel Wiedmont, and Lori Yost.

We started out from Flywheel Park in Piermont, NY. Due to the outgoing tide and the wind (blowing from the north), we paddled along the western shore of the Hudson up to Nyack (get it -- went to Nyack in my kayak!) and stopped for a lunch and portapotty break at the park in Nyack (right by the concrete ship). Then, as the wind had died down, the group paddled out to the center of the Hudson and under the main span of the Tappan Zee Bridge and then back to Piermont.

Mike told the group about the geology and history of the area (do you know why it's called Nyack or Tappan Zee or why the bridge was built where it is?) The next Tootle is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, Mike will probably add a July and August Tootle as well.

Nancy & Mike