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Tootlin' Round the Tappan Zee
by Nancy & Mike Passow

June 16, 2007

A delightful time was had by all seventeen kayakers who tootled round the Tappan Zee on Saturday, June 16. Along with Mike & Nancy Passow were Cheryl Lewandowski, Mo Calvet, Eric Peres, Herta Dusebout, Christine & George Mulhauser (in their tandem kayak), Lee McQuade, Gail Stevens, Joanne Gells, Bob & Jeri Cohn, Ralph Hahn, Morty Silver, Ken Kuhl, and Karen Oprandy. We successfully avoided the powerboat race, the jet skis, and the thunderstorms.

We started out from Flywheel Park in Piermont, NY and paddled diagonally across the Hudson River to the Tarrytown Lighthouse (it was almost high tide, so the current was with us). At that point we were warned that there would be a powerboat race (120 mph!) in about an hour, so we paddled across the river and stopped for a stretch and potty break at the park in Nyack (right by the concrete ship).

Then, we paddled back under the Tappan Zee Bridge and back to Piermont -- tide was starting to turn. We could hear the racing powerboats on the other side of the river and saw the plumes they were churning up. After packing up our boats, six of us went for lunch at the Sidewalk Cafe in Piermont. The thunderstorm didn't hit until almost the end of lunch -- we were under cover and were able to wait for the rain to let up.

We hope to have another Tootle in early August, by which time Horan Park (on the eastern side of the Hudson in Tarrytown) should be open. George took some great photos which we'll post.

Nancy & Mike