Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

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Follow-up to Yesterday's Meander
by Ken Shelton

Several people asked about the large number of Cormorants seen on the river yesterday. A recent article in the International Herald Tribune notes how they are making a comeback in the area and the controversy surrounding it.

New York State officials have deemed the rise of the population a threat to other species and are 'managing' the population.



Meander Through The Meadowlands
by Nancy & Mike Passow

September 2, 2007

The weather couldn't have been better for today's meander through the Meadowlands. We didn't think many people would be around on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend -- were we wrong!

There were a total of 32 paddlers in 31 boats (kayaks and canoes). Because there were so many paddlers, we split into two groups. Mike led one group out on the Hackensack River where they paddled up-river to the NJ Turnpike bridge, back to the launch area, and then through the Canoe Trail. Nancy took her group through the Canoe Trail and back along a parallel "trail" to the put-in. Then several paddlers from this group went out into the Hackensack River and paddled down-river to the marinas (near the former site of the Barge Club).

We hope to have another Meadowlands meander sometime in the Fall.

Nancy & Mike