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Delaware9 8 07 001Delaware River
Frenchtown to Lambertville
by Gail Stevancsecz

September 8, 2007

Looking back on this day of days on the Delaware, I've decided it is best renamed "Delaware Paddle and Dunk in the Water" from French Town to Lambertville. Our 16 mile paddle/dunk took approximately 6 hours to complete. Mind you, our trip included many snack stops (for a few of us), photo ops, and, of course, the cooling-off-in-the water stops.

I believe there were 12 boats, and 15 people. We traversed the shallows, the deeps, the ripples, and one wing dam, which, incidentally, is a little slippery when you try to walk on it!!!

Conversation ranged from gardening, to gardening pests (of which, the infamous rabbit won the prize!), to sharing stories of each other's adventures.

Our safe arrival in Lambertville was spiced with anticipation as we loaded our boats and headed to our final gathering location of the day......the Italian restaurant. Need I say more. Albeit a bit boisterous at times, our party of 13 enjoyed great food and great company: the proper finish to a great day of paddling.

Here are just a sampling of some of the noteworthy proclamations that were declared during dinner: (did I mention the 4 bottles of wine???)

  • Cheryl is buying a broken down barn in Frenchtown and we're all going to be able to hang out there.
  • Lori M. has invited us all to a party at her PA house in Oct. Date to be forthcoming.
  • Sideways is not the best approach when paddling through ripples and small rapids.
  • Bilge pumps are good.


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