Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

paddling for over a third of a century

Tivoli North Bay
East Bank of Hudson River - Tivoli, NY
by Bob Rancan

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Trip Coordinator: Bob Rancan

Fourteen paddlers made the trip on a beautiful summer's day.

We set out from the back end of the freshwater marsh just around high tide. We paddled out to Magdalen Island at slack tide with the intent to circumnavigate the island, land and take in the views of the high peaks of the Catskills.

The river was calm and our landing was perfect, however, puffy white clouds on the west side of the Hudson were sitting on the peaks, with a ceiling of less than two thousand feet. We caught a glimpse of one peak, possibly Slide, but since the mountains are in the 3600 to 3800 foot range, no views.

Passing boats made some big waves that hit our beach, and some kayaks took on some water. After taking extra precaution we sat down for lunch and enjoyed the day.

While coming back around the island, a mature bald eagle flew across our bows, as did a great blue heron as we returned to the marsh. We passed several muskrat lodges and a very large beaver lodge. We heard and saw marsh wrens and red wing blackbirds at every turn.

Taking the long way back to the put-in almost became a bad idea when we seemed to lose a clear channel due to the receding tidewaters. However, since there were some movie fans in the group, it was decided to reprise the Bogart/Hepburn roles in the African Queen and a new path was easily discovered, minus the leeches.

Thanks to everyone for coming on my little adventure.