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IMG 2589Hackensack River out of River Barge Park
by Betty Wiest

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Six of us (Bruce, Gary, Joan, Andy, Ken and me) had a nice paddle on the Hackensack River today. The river was calm as the wind was only a very slight breeze. Although fair winds were with us, the tide condition was not....the tide was low and occasionally we found ourselves stuck in the mud...but only momentarily. Exploring the phragmite channels was engaging and the views of the city in the far background were stunning.

There were lots of birds...typical gulls, cormorants egrets, great blue heron, plover, and many more I'm sure we missed. The mudflats were ideal sightseeing venues.

It was a cloudy, overcast day, but the joy of being on the river and enjoying each other's company were a plus. At the end of the paddle we were "forced" (motor boats being towed out of the boat launch) to use the floating ramp which was so welcome as I could just roll out of my kayak onto the wooden planking.

It was a short, lazy Sunday afternoon paddle....always good for the soul.


IMG 2587