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Mountain and Wildwood Lakes
Mountain Lakes, NJ
by Jeff Heilbrun

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fourteen people, Curt, Stan, Marie, Lori, Diane, Regis, Rozanne, Schlomo, Henry, Melody, Ben, John, Maureen, and Jeff enjoyed the clear, bucolic waters of the backyards of some of the priciest lakefront properties in the state.

As is usually the case after Labor Day, hardly a soul is seen either on the lakes or in the expansive yards. There was one father and son on a sunfish and a few people doing yard work. Many residents have multiple boats, including kayaks, canoes, peddle boats, and small sailing vessels, few of which are ever seen on the water during the summer. No power boats are allowed.

Wildlife included the usual mallard ducks, painted turtles, and great blue herons. Thanks to my wife’s maneuvering of our twin otter, I was able to get some excellent photos of these common species, including birds in flight.

The water level was the highest I’ve ever seen while paddling the lakes, and the canal between the two was just too easy. Absolutely no pushing, poling, or pumping was required to get through.

We stopped for lunch at a small town park that conveniently had two picnic tables.

Overall it was a very pleasant and easy three hours in cool, breezy conditions. My rather large group of paddling friends attracted absolutely no interest on the part of local residents or authorities.


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