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"Moon" Paddle
Monksville Reservoir, NJ
by Martin W.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alas, we didn't get to see the Full Moon.... we didn't get to see the Perseid Meteors... we didn't get to see the Space Station.... but we did get to see some grand rain drops and marvelous wisps of mist over the surface of the water.

As 24 brave and hardy members met in the parking lot at Monksville Reservoir, it looked like the rain was going to hold off as it had been doing all day. But as would have it, when we finally got all the boats into the water... it started to rain! (Hey Bob, you weren't even there!)

After congregating offshore and having assigned a number to each boat (so we could get a head count at the trip's end for safety sake) the group headed south toward the dam end of the reservoir. An early darkness settled upon the lake and wisps of mist danced upon the water's surface as we paddled on. The warm rain was light but steady so most of the group looked a bit damp but I didn't hear any complaints - matter of fact quite a few folks commented that paddling in the rain was a pleasant experience.

Arriving at our unofficial "Moon" viewing destination, various vittles and beverages were passed around in the group of boats - which were lit with various and sundry colored lights. Alas, with no Moon visible to howl, with no one turning into a Wolfman/Wolfwoman, no silver bullets needed to be fired and with the rain continuing the group decided to call it quits and head back the two miles to the cars. For some reason it always seems a bit harder paddling the return trip, doesn't it? Arriving back at the lot with everyone accounted for, it culminated in another successful and interesting excursion into the waters of the Jersey Highlands.

As a side note even though we didn't get to see a "Full Moon" - some sort of insect did bite Dave M. on his "Half Moon", but the again, no one wanted to see that....

Many thanks to those intrepid folks that braved the weather.

Ralph H., Rich H., Clair M., Dave M., Mike K., Ruth K., Pat B., Mike V., Patti V., Tajalli U., Phil B., Marta B., Pat S., Michael S., Elenor S., Melody W., Al G., Helen J., John P., Mary D., Regis, R., Rosanne R. and Martin W.

And special guest celebrity... Dionne Warwick