Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

paddling for over a third of a century

Rio Reservoir
by Gail Stevancsecz

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A trip always begins with the drive to the put in, and this one was a combination of clouds, bright sunshine, mist and fog, depending on which section of Rt. 23 you happened to be on. Fortunately we all made it to our meeting spot, McDonalds, without incident. (Well, maybe a couple of turn-a-round’s, but nothing to worry about!).

Our caravan to the Rio was met with crystal blue skies and not a ripple on the reservoir. It was amazing. Easy-peasy parking and boat ramp for launching and we were on our way.

First stop, the waterfall. And it did not disappoint. Based on the experience of others that have gone before to see this wonderful sight, the falls were at their peak. Tons of water, cascading over the black rocks. A few brave hearts climbed as close as they could for photo opts to the delight of all the shutter bugs.

Then back in our boats for a leisurely paddle to lunch point.

Then, the sighting of the day, the Eagle. We all gazed in wonder as he perch himself high in a pine tree along the shore.

We continued our paddle to the dam, while a couple folks took advantage of the gorgeous day and just hung out in their boats to soak it all up.

The group included Herta D., Bev W., Melody W., Frank L., Gail S., Phil B., Robyn L., Carolyn G. and Laurie C. and Scott H.

Thanks to Laurie and Scott for a great day on the water.