Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

paddling for over a third of a century

Manasquan River
by Dave Miller

Friday, November 23, 2012

Five HRCKC members attended the paddle today down the Jersey Shore.
Ted C., Stefan G., Jim M., Tom B., and myself (Dave M)

What started out as a chilly start, soon warmed up to the forecasted mid-50 deg temps with cloudless sky. The water was cold, and as predicted, the tide was against us, the breeze was gentle and there were very few boats on the water.

We saw some interesting sites including sunken boats, boats washed ashore, a minimal amount of floating debris. Coolers, pottys, picnic sets, shoes, etc. The houses along the river seemed to be mostly up high and looked pretty secure. Docks on the other hand were at times on top of each other and/or destroyed. The buzz and humm of power tools as owners and contractors worked on their demolition was the only occasional noise pollution.

We set out on the water at 9:45 AM, just west of the National Guard and Police checkpoint.
After paddling South into the Manasquan River for approx 2 hr, we had lunch on a small mud beach at the very far end of the main Manasquan River. We re-hydrated and fueled up for the anticipated power paddle back against the incoming tide.

Another 1 1/4 hr paddle and we took a break on Osborne Island where we beach combed and rested. Just under an additional hour of strong paddling brought us through some wildlife type area and out to the Manasquan Inlet where we crossed to the north side of the channel.

This would not have been possible on a typical summer day, but there were so few boats today that it was safely doable.

Back to the take out by 2:45 or so, then to the Squan Tavern for some grub and an adult beverage.

A beautiful day on the water and yet another reason to attend Martin's cold water paddle day at Green Turtle Pond in a couple of weeks. Why waste paddling opportunities like this when you can learn what it takes to safely be on the water during the colder weather.