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The Delightful Delaware
Old Mine Road (across from Tom’s Creek) to Worthington State Park Boat Launch, ~18 miles
by Tom Hart

Sat & Sun, August 24-25, 2013

Finally not much rain fell on western NJ and the Catskills…. And unlike nearly every other river, the Delaware is nicer at low levels when it clears up… there was still enough of it to get over the low spots and not have to avoid rocks in the rapids, but not enough so that the less skilled power boaters could get up the rapids and, being the Delaware, no nasty strainers blocking the river. In other words, enough to prompt us to lead a last minute Delaware River Canoe camping trip.

In all there were 4 members in 3 boats, with1 canoe and 2 sea kayaks – myself and my wife, Lori Baumann and Tom Babos.
We met at Worthington State Park after a slight delay with traffic at the gap. Loaded Tom B’s boat onto Lori’s car, up to our launch on Old Mine Road and hit the water well before the crack of 1 pm!

Thanks to all the rain a few weeks ago the water was remarkably clear…we could often see rocks and fish on the bottom yet Tom couldn’t touch with his 220 cm paddle.

Arrived at what had been the best campsite on the river, site #76 at! the River’s Bend. Things had grown up a bit, but by the time we looked around and decided #75 was slightly nicer someone else had claimed it. A little work with the machete brought 76 into compliance and once tents were set and lunch was eaten Tom B. and Martha settled down for naps and Lori and I headed up river. A little exploration at the main camping area (with sites in the low #70s) discovered that the dirt road from the back of the sites does indeed connect to Old Mine Road…and we loaded up the canoe with firewood from Pennsylvania and took it back to NJ.

Chicken shish kabob and green beans for dinner, Lori’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and smores and a roaring fire for desert.

Sunday saw a leisurely start and a beautiful paddle, but about the time we passed the first pullout at Poxono boat launch the wind was kicking up from the south and we ground the remaining 5 miles to Worthington.

For Bob – lots of great blue herons and mergansers and kingfishers.