Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

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PaddleSport 2014
by Martin W.

Friday - Sunday, March 28-30, 2014

Alas, another PaddleSport show has come and gone marking the HRCKC's 26th year participating at the show. The Jersey Paddler, which hosts this yearly event at the Garden State Exhibition Center in Somerset, NJ. - graciously offers clubs and non-profit organizations free booth-space to promote their respective groups. For us, this event is probably the most productive single-source of new members joining the HRCKC during the year. Even though we do get some attendees joining right then and there at the show itself (about 6 new memberships this year) most come rolling in several weeks afterwards after they read the club flyers and check out the website.

Over the years, the PaddleSport show has changed for better or worse depending what type of paddler you are... If you are a canoeist like me, it's become absolutely abysmal and couldn't get any worse (grumble, grumble - but we'll be back). If you're a kayaker - it's become better and if you are a stand up paddle-boarder (SUP) or a kayak fishing-person, it was Nirvana for you this year. The crowds were a bit light this year probably due to the rainy weather. There also seemed to be less vendors and manufacturers there this year too.

Yes, some (most) of us did spend a few dollars on paddling stuff, but what the heck! I myself, couldn't pass up on this limited edition - absolutely beautiful furniture grade cedar, basswood and walnut wooden double bent-shaft canoe paddle that I've been drooling over since last year's show.

So, now I would like to take the opportunity to thank those HRCKC members who graciously volunteered their time and gasoline to help staff our club's booth:
Mr. William Bradshaw, Chuck Parodi, Herta Dusebout, Monica Orso, Capt. Melody Wenger, Teri Rocco, Arnold Bauer, Jeff Bowen, Richard Karp, Richard Howland, Ralph Hahn, John Arnold and myself.

Without folks like these the HRCKC and all it offers to it's members, just won't exist. Thank you all!
Anyway, now in conclusion - I suppose we'll be back there again next year for the 27th year.... we certainly can't pass up those $3.50 salt dogs and the $4.50 sawdust burgers at the food court now can we?