Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

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Swim With Your Boat Day
by Rich Howland

July 13, 2014

Although the skies were not blue, the 2014 edition of Swim With Your Boat Day was not rained upon. We only got wet when we fell out of our boats.

Some 24 members came out and participated in what was a successful and fun filled day. Rich H. got everyone wet right away by inviting all to come on in and float with their pfd. He then demonstrated his inability to put a pfd on while treading water (for those who think they don't need to wear it while on the water).

Jim M., Ted C. and Teri R. demonstrated a wet exit followed by several ways to get back into a boat assisted and unassisted. Cowboy style, paddle float and sling methods explained and performed by our rescuee, Teri.

The members then split into groups of 3 or 4. JIm, Ted, Phil B. and Dave M. were on hand to help each group practice. Everyone did at least one successful re-entry into their boat.

There were no new canoers so Martin and Mike went and picked some blueberries from the island.

After everyone was sufficiently tuckered out from the hard work of getting back into his or her boat we had a leisurely lunch and called it a day. I think everyone learned something and had some fun too.

Special thanks to Jim, Ted, Teri, Phil and Dave for all their help in making this a successful Club activity.