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Friday Lab and Paddle
Monksville Reservoir
by Martin W.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday evening's Monksville "lab" and paddle was a success... for those paddlers that were interested in experiencing solo white water canoes anyway.

While we had only 5 folks show up - four experienced WW solo canoeists and one enthusiastic new comer to the WW canoe, we did have a great time. I tried out my new (used) Bell Prodigy X for the first time and found that I was surrounded by three other Bell Prodigy canoes and a Mohawk XL13 - yes... four Bell Prodigys in one place at the same time.

Our newcomer to WW canoes - Teri did a remarkable job of picking up the handling of the canoes in this flat-water environment especially when she got to paddle Mary's smaller Prodigy instead of the larger Prodigy X's that John, Al and I have. So Teri you did very good ... maybe we have a convert??? Anyway, many thanks to Al, Mary, John and Teri for coming to this lab.

Once you go to a canoe you never go back!