Wallkill River
Sussex County, NJ
by Martin W.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alas, another great day for a paddle trip... and again NO ONE DIED!

For our second Wallkill River trip of the year, 9 intrepid paddlers - Mary D., John P., Mike I., Phil S., Mike K., Mike K.'s grandson, Al G., Jason C. and myself in 7 canoes and one kayak turned out for a nice paddle of about 8.5 miles through the Wallkill River Wildlife Refuge in Sussex County, NJ. Starting at the usual put-in at the Rt. 565 access we found we had a good water level for the trip and not much trouble with blow-downs... Just a couple of strainers which were promptly dealt with by the "Men With Pruning Saws".

After about 6 miles we stopped for vittles at Bassett's Bridge and then continued north (the Wallkill River is one of two rivers in New Jersey that flows north) towards Oil City Road. We did stop and play around in the small waves of "The Rapid" for a bit (link attached for some unedited video footage). The "redneck" campground was active with the usual ATV's, dirt bikes and gunfire, but was quickly passed by. Arriving at the Oil City Road take-out the group loaded the boats and left for home. As tradition dictates.. a couple of folks stopped by Neal's Sports Emporium to say hey.

Next time I'll do the Oil City Road to north to the "Cataracts".

Yup, a good trip and again... NO ON DIED!