Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club


Those who know me understand what an unrepentant gearhead I am. One of my kids bought me a key fob sized self-inflating balloon with 1 kg of flotation & a blinking light for finding drowning gear at night. The product claims it can be splashed & won't inflate unless it's submerged.

This item is not for Kayakers! I was doing swim safety this past weekend at a 5 mile race in Stamford, part of the Swim Across America fund raiser. Anyway, the Water Buoy was attached to my camera and about an hour into the race I heard this unmistakable Ffffffffft sound and found myself sitting with a 6" orange blinking balloon in my lap.

The item is probably great for those on fishing boats or on piers & will handle a reasonable amount of splashing, just not the constant spray generated by paddling. It's a really cool item, just not for us.

Contributed by HRCKC member Ron K.
June 28, 2010