Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

Sven Saw


I originally purchased the Sven-Saw (I've come to fondly call it "Sven") for hiking trail maintenance, but now that canoeing and canoe camping have become the dominant pastimes of my life, Sven finds himself now working in a much wetter environment.
Sven works like a standard 21" bow-saw purchased from any hardware store, except that Sven dismantles to store in its handle for easy and safe portability.
I've used Sven for cutting out stream blowdowns, firewood at camp, and as I said, removing blowdowns from hiking trails, and it hasn't let me down.
I have only one gripe about Sven, which became apparant when I started using it on the water... Setting up and dismantling Sven requires the removal and installation of a wing-nut... While no problem on land, I know that one day that nut is going to end up in the water. So I carry a spare in my ditty bag.
Original replacement blades cost $6.99 and come with a new threaded attachment mechanism. Instead, I buy standard 21" bow-saw blades for a few dollars and reuse the old threaded mechanism, it's very easy to do.
The "What-A-Saw" is Sven's main competitor. It sets-up and stows much faster and has no loose parts to drop in the river. But it has no blade tension adjustment and the blade locking mechanism is plastic. Sure enough, one friend's blade always binds due to lack of tension and another friend's plastic mechanism broke.
Wooden frame buck-type saws are also available and do perform better in a camp setting, being able to cut larger logs faster. But the wooden frames make them unsuitable for use on the water as immersion causes the frame to warp.

Contributed by HRCKC member George S.