Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

Canoe Paddle: Seda Graphite Kevlar Blade

I've had my Seda paddle for over 1.5 years.
At 24 ounces and well balanced, it is a joy to hold all day long.
The smooth plastic handle is average in comfort: Not as comfortable as Ainsworth's, but more comfortable than Werner's.
The lower third of the graphite-fiber shaft is covered by a rubber sleeve. I always found the sleeve to have a "dirty" feeling, so I removed it. The silky graphite feels nice in the hand and offers a nice combination of stiffness and flexibility.
The thin Kevlar-epoxy blade flutters during underwater recovery due to the bulge from the shaft in the middle.
Durability has been good.
The Kevlar blade edges have become "fuzzy" due to abrasion. Rather than wearing down like other composite blades, these edges become fuzzy making for more flutter and noise during underwater recovery.
There is a slight crack in the middle of the blade, where the shaft is, allowing a small amount of water to enter the core, making a sloshing sound when shaking the paddle.
Although this small amount of water has made the paddle slightly heavier and less well balanced, it still performs well. I have seen Werner paddles incapacitated by similar cracks.
Although I have relegated this paddle to backup duty, I still recommend it for those looking for a light-weight composite whitewater paddle, as it is capable of absorbing much rock pounding.
Waiting for the annual Seda Holiday sale will get you the paddle for $77.

Contributed by HRCKC member George S.