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Thinking of Buying a New Paddle?
Read This First

(Mitchell Paddles)

I sent my wooden open boat paddle to Peggy Mitchell for repair.  It was my first paddle (six years old) that I got from Jersey Paddler.
As I pry off the gunnels, I've patched the shaft several times, plus the blade edges have been getting pretty raggy.
Mitchell glass sleeved the shaft and put a fiberglass rope edging to build up the blade.
Total cost was $65 and the paddle looks brand new, actually better than new with shaft and blade glass reinforcements, everything is clean and totally seamless.  I've seen some outfits put a sleeve on the shaft like a paper towel roll - not Mitchell. 
They are a great outfit to deal with and repairs were less than half the price of a new paddle.  I also bought a carbon blade, wooden shaft blem from them.

Contact Peggy at Mitchell Paddles, Inc.
24 King Hill Road
Canaan, NH  03741

Contributed by HRCKC member Fred Cohane