Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

Voyageur Canoe Kneeling Pad

The Canoe Kneeling Pad provides ample cushioning for all day comfort and stays in place without sliding around. A loop is provided to tether the pad to prevent loss in case of a capsize.
The pad is great for touring and tripping paddlers who don't want to permanently glue knee pads in their canoe(s), and actually has several advantages over permanently glued pads.
For those owning more than one canoe, these pads are an economical alternative to buying sets of permanent pads for each boat.
As the 37 pad allows a variety of kneeling stances, it will accommodate any paddler and allows the paddler to change position during the day - two great advantages over glued-in knee pads fixed in one position.
The pad is very durable, one need not be afraid to step on it when entering or exiting the canoe. It will not damage like glued-in foam pads.
Cleaning the canoe interior is much easier than with glued-in pads.

The pad can be used as a seat cushion during lunch or other breaks.
Two cons: The pad's rough texture becomes uncomfortable on bare knees over a long day, leaving impressions in your skin.  And the black color becomes very hot in the summer sun: Use caution before kneeling down on a sunny day.
A similar product to be considered is the Wyoming River Raiders Canoe Kneeling Pad. The only difference appears to be the color, light gray, which should stay cooler in the sun.
It should be noted that as good as this pad is, it is no substitute for proper whitewater outfitting. As the pad floats, it may move about when water is in the canoe and the paddler shifts weight.

Contributed by HRCKC member George S.