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Garden State Canoeing: A Paddler's Guide to New Jersey
Second Edition September 2002
by Edward Gertler


This paddling "Bible" (New Jersey testament) contains descriptions of 105 brooks, creeks, rivers and other bodies of water, all in New Jersey.
About 16 of these creeks and rivers drain into Delaware Bay, making them a bit of a drive for day-trippers from the North.  But that still leaves us with 89 other waterways to consider.  And most of these contain a few sections to paddle, increasing our selection to well over 250 choices.
A major highlight are the maps.  Each chapter begins with an overview  map showing river locations in the state.  Specific river descriptions contain detailed maps showing access points, mileage, USGS gauges, weirs & dams, nearby roads and other points of interest.
While not topographical, they certainly provide the information necessary to lead a successful trip.  Although I do recommend the use of state or county maps to find your way to the general area.
Just as important are the water level recommendations, an invaluable resource for planning a trip.  USGS gauge references are given, many on-line, allowing one to see from afar if a river's water level is suitable for paddling.
Generally speaking, the river descriptions are accurate.  Despite encountering slightly more cellulose material than the book indicated on some trips, the descriptions give the paddler a very good idea of what to expect.
A must have for trip participants as well as leaders, every New Jersey paddler should get themselves a copy.

   Official website for this book and Gertler's other works: paddlersguides.com

Contributed by HRCKC member George S.