Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey
by James and Margaret Cawley


There I stood, in the book section of CampMor, trying to decide - Little Rivers or Garden State Canoeing by Edward Gertler.  The choice was excruciating, minutes felt like hours.
Gertler's book described so many more streams, but Little Rivers contained such delightful historical descriptions and photos.  Unable to decide, I purchased both.
I proceeded to use both books, side by side, planning trips.  
It soon became apparent that I favored one book over the other.  I began to carry that book in my dry bag and depend on its maps, water level recommendations and other technical data.
Nevertheless, I still find myself laying down my dog-eared copy of Garden State Canoeing and picking up Little Rivers.  I am thankful to have both, one complements the other.
Little Rivers contains historical background and a canoe rental directory missing from Garden State Canoeing.
More importantly, Little Rivers provides an alternative description.  This is important, lest we accept the word of one author and find ourselves attempting to paddle a ditch up to our eyebrows in wood.  Such trips are indeed like owning a black car, they should be attempted only once.

Contributed by HRCKC member George S.