Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

Canoe Paddle: Bending Branches Expedition Plus

A wonderful handling, durable 28 ounce general purpose wood paddle.
The wooden T-grip provides the grip for the maneuvering necessary in whitewater or twisty backcountry streams yet is comfortable for long flat stretches.
The wooden oval shaft is comfortable in the hand. Thick & stiff enough to instill confidence in whitewater yet not too thick to make it feel like a log in quiet water.
The wooden blade is protected by a coating of fiberglass cloth and a rock guard resin tip extending completely around the entire edge almost up to the shaft.
This feature, which prompted me to purchase this paddle, makes the paddle ideal for any paddling where impacts or abrasion from stumps, shallow water or rocks are a concern.
This is a paddle you wouldn't be afraid to let a novice use, as long as you had a second one for yourself, as it is a joy to ply.
With no shaft bulge, the blade glides quietly and smoothly during underwater recovery.
While paddlers may want more specialized paddles for serious whitewater or ultralight cruising, this paddle will do everything in between and could easily serve as someone's only paddle. (Of course, you should always carry a spare)

Contributed by HRCKC member George S.