Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

Canoe Paddle: Ainsworth Spec 5

A great handling paddle with no durability.                                        
At 28 ounces, this well balanced paddle is a joy to use.                                             
The smooth soft plastic handle fits and fills the hand so nicely. Much more comfortable than those used by Werner or Seda.
The carbon fiber shaft feels nice in the hand, providing just the right combination of stiffness and flex.
The blade, tapered from the center to the edges so as not to have a "shaft bulge", glides smoothly through the water with no flutter during underwater recovery.
Blade durability is astonishingly absent.
Despite pampering on its maiden voyage, using a spare paddle for bony spots, the blade tip crushed like cardboard with each minor rock hit.
The thinner blade of the Spec 5, three ounces lighter than the Spec 2, just can't take the occasional, unavoidable rock hits of whitewater paddling. 
Pampering the paddle, trying to stretch it's life as long as possible, after five more day trips it was time to return the crushed, cracked, split & peeling paddle back to Ainsworth, who honored their one year warranty and gave a full refund.

Contributed by HRCKC member George S.