Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club

Ode To The Cedar Creek
by Lori Meier
October 21, 2006


It was a clear, crisp day that we met to play
At 9 AM we all started the day

On the Cedar Creek was where we paddled
We saddled up and off we skedadelled

The trees were beautiful, the creek so clear
The twists were neat, the bank was near

Twists and turns, oh no we lost someone
Oops they fell in, letís say itís fun

Traveling through to the dam we go
Itís time to feed and yap some moí

We jump on down to the other side
And take the turns for a really cool ride

There goes another one who wanted to explore
The chilly waters of the Cedar's floor

Itís time to end this bad rhyme
So check the pix in your spare time