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Do-It-Yourself How To's from Fat Elmo's Canoo Shack


At Saturday's safety "Lab" and short paddle at Monksville Reservoir, the subject of those bow tie-down loops that many of us use came under discussion. In anticipation of the upcoming New Member's Orientation Day, the janitorial staff at Fat Elmo's Canoo Shack - filmed by Litterbox Movin' Picture Productions Studios put together a short instructional film about how to DIY a set of loops for your very own for under $1.

And if that isn't enough... as an added bonus we have included at no extra cost, footage by Fat Elmo - Civil War Surgeon on how to trim a hangnail.


Martin W.

In the recent past, a few of our members have asked me about my way of putting a "white water" saddle into a canoe. Well, this weekend I just finished installing one into my recently acquired well worn "Henry" boat (as opposed to the popular "Linda" boats that so many of our membership have also recently acquired) so this may answer in photos - some of the questions from the aspiring canoeists in the club about the way I installed the saddle. I know Al G. recently installed one on his new Bell and I recall Harris R. did it last year on an Old Town Cascade.

Funny, us canoe drivers sure do like to mess with our boats when we ain't paddlin' them.


Martin W.